Update Edge PDF Viewer?

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Edge browser cannot open PDF's and gives an error "Please wait... " full message attached.

Is it possible to allow the PDF viewer to allow the use of Dynamic XFA (XML Form Architecture) PDFs based off this Adobe article: https://community.adobe.com/t5/document-cloud-pdf-services/if-this-message-is-not-eventually-replace...

Thanks, Tom

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This would be super helpful for us. Current built in PDF reader isn't ideal for our business use because of this...

In v85 we'll have the ability to make it open in external reader automatically, but I think (please correct if wrong) this still saves the file to disk first... Leaving a stack of files for staff to manually maintain to stop bloat over time...


I haven't heard anything confirming if this is possible or not. Hoping to hear back.

Wanted to bring this up to the top. I asked a question about it today at Build and the response was that it is now supported in Canary builds. My testing hasn't shown anything different than the typical "Please wait..." message.

@ClintMayer Hi Clint - I gave you that response at the Build ATE. Can you confirm the build you're on and what you are trying to do? Will verify the scenario. Thanks

@ClintMayer Apologies, you will have to set a feature flag. Go to edge://flags, enable the "Enable support for XFA in PDF" feature and restart the browser to try it out. Let me know if that works.

That definitely is an improvement. The PDF now loads and the autofill works but it only shows the first page. I can get you a copy of the FinCEN form if it helps.

I'm using Version 104.0.1268.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)

The PDF document properties in Edge state
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