Untrusted certificates in Edge for iOS and Android

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Certficates deployed from Intune for iOS especially are not seen as trusted on Edge app even the trusted root certificate has been deployed as well.


I want to ask you how Edge is handling the certificates deployed from Intune on a iOS device and Android? Is any related documentation regarding Edge certificates for iOS and Android and best practices on how to push them via config profiles?

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@dsmodus Hello!  Is this for certificate-based authentication?  If so, there is a note at the bottom of this section with more information: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/enterprise/microsoft-365-client-support-certificate-b...





@dsmodus- Were you able to solve this? I have a similar problem.
We've deployed the trusted root certificate to iOS/iPAD devices and it works in Safari, but not in Edge. In Edge sites are marked as untrusted.


@Kelly_Y - I can't find the note you're refering to.


- Tom Aril

No. We still have the same issue in Edge as you described.

@dsmodus @Tom_Aril Hi!  The only issue in our backlog that I can find is for Certificate Based Authentication on iOS.  If you are continuing to have issues, can you please submit diagnostic data through the browser?  Here are the instructions for mobile: 


  1. Tap the menu  > Send feedback.

  2. Under Describe what’s happening, describe your issue. Include as much detail about the issue as you can.

  3. Turn on Send device information and Include this screenshot.

  4. Tap Send.


Ok Kelly_Y, I will. Thanks.