Silverlight issue in Edge

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My company has a web application that requires Silverlight to function. Currently it works fine when using IE 11. However with IE 11 phasing out next month I'm in need of a solution to continue using the application. When I try to use Edge with IE mode on I get a popup saying I need Silverlight installed even though I already have it.


I thought I could bypass this issue entirely by having new users install IE 11 but from my testing it appears the installer no longer works (I'm guessing because IE 11 is a Windows Feature or maybe because it's being phased out?).


Any help would be appreciated,


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@Jonny105 Hi!  Using IE mode in MS Edge should work for Silverlight. (


I'm not sure if there is something specific going on with your application but you can also contact the App Assure Team with this compatibility issue when setting up IE mode. Either request assistance or email them directly ( for free remediation assistance.  Thanks! 



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