Show briefcase icon on work profile

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Hi, I'd like to see if it is/will be possible to control this setting via GPO/Microsoft Management Service?  We do not permit users to sign in with MSA, so there will be no seperation of work/personal browsing.  The briefcase on the Edge taskbar icon is distracting and will only cause helpdesk calls.  The current Edge GPO templates do not reference the briefcase in anything other than the Password Manager and protection policy.   

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@JLowis Hello - Currently I do not think there is a policy for this.  I looked through the documentation (Microsoft Edge Browser Policy Documentation | Microsoft Learn) and did not see anything mentioned. 


The closest thing I could find was this setting under edge://settings/appearance.




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I wanted to chime in and say that between the briefcase icon change and the banner advertising Edge for Business, this did indeed cause a healthy number of service desk contacts at our organization the day after we rolled out 116.

Many users assumed that the briefcase icon was a notification of some sort, like the Outlook icon displays when you have a new email. They were looking for a way to dismiss the notification.