Setting a language in spell check does not install the language

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I've set the spell check language in group policy as per to en-AU, however after checking the spell check options in Edge, only English US is available. (This is for a new install of Edge Chromium)


We need to go to the Edge Settings > Language and then install English Australia, which then makes en-AU available as a spell check language, managed by the org as expected.


Could language options please be added to group policy, or could a better way to manage languages please be added so the correct language is used within Edge. (Or is something already available that I am missing?)

Thanks in advance.

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@JeffNo540 I don't know how Microsoft designed this to work, but my solution to preinstall and preconfigure German Spellcheck is to use the Policy as you already described and to deploy the needed Spellchecking-Files myself by our Software-Deployment-Solution.


To get the Spellchecking-Files look in your Appdata\Local\Microsoft\Edge\User Data Folder for *.bdic Files. For example de-DE-3-0.bdic or fr-FR-3-0.bdic as well as en-US-8-9.bdic 


For me it is simpler to put the needed *.bdic Files not into the User-Profiles, but to insert these into the Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Applications\Dictionaries Folder. Edge searches these files either in Userprofile or in ProgramFiles.

@Gunnar Haslinger Brilliant! Thank you for this information.

Where do you get the .bdic files? or how are they created.

Looking for simplest way to change language settings in Edge for many laptops. by registry/file copy or group policy.

As I described, turn on the languages on an internet-connected PC, then look in the Appdata\Local\Microsoft\Edge\User Data Folder for *.bdic Files

Or just download them from a chromium or electron Project page which hosts them.

@Gunnar Haslinger 


These files seem no longer to be created by Edge

Could you provide an URL?

The Chromium project only, from what I found contain a description how to edit these files.

And searching for the other returned "What is an Electron?"

@Erik_Taurus just go to the "latest" release of the Electron Project:


Ctrl+F Search there for the newest - extract it and use the bdic Files of the languages you need.


One additional hint: The bdic-Files in this zip-File have no valid time-stamp, depending on the software you use to extract you get an actual timestamp or "no timestamp", so maybe you like to "touch" the files modified timestamp before copying them to your machines.

@Gunnar Haslinger 
Thanks for this!
I don't need the update of time stamps(I think) but thanks for the hint!


I wrote a guide for Steam a few years ago on how to spell check multiple languages and getting the .bdic from Edge was what I described as a method to get these files.
But now since Edge doesn't do that any more.
I had a few laying around, collected from various sources.
I'll update it with the github link.