RoamingProfileSupportEnabled - referred to in other policies desc but no policies designed to set it

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I am preparing the deployment of Microsoft Edge (Chromium), I've downloaded the MSI and GPO templates and have started going through them. I've set everything I pretty much need to but have hit a hiccup which I'm hoping for some clarity on. 


I wish for all AppData to save to the Roaming profile instead of Local profile for my users. This is doable on Google Chrome by setting the policy named "Enable the creation of roaming copies for Google Chrome profile data" to "Enabled" which then sets the "RoamingProfileSupportEnabled" registry entry to "1". There does not appear to be a policy which sets this functionality for Edge but in the policy named "Disable synchronization of data using Microsoft sync services" it states in the description "Do not enable this policy when the policy 'RoamingProfileSupportEnabled' is enabled." - this proves that the functionality is there in some sense or will eventually be there. I tried to manually enter this registry key in HKCU>Software>Policies>Microsoft>Edge and when you launch Edge it does not load up the application unfortunately but it does create the folder "Edge" and "User Data" inside the Roaming AppData folders. So potentially Edge is just crashing because of this key. If I remove the registry key or set it to "0" then Edge works again but the data is still stored to Local AppData.


Is functionality supposed to be enabled in v79 or v80 (beta)? Or is this something for future development? This is the only thing causing me to not roll this out for our users currently.


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the bad: on-prem sync only allows syncing settings and favorites --> check this 

On-premises sync for Active Directory (AD) users | Microsoft Docs

quote "With on-premises sync, Microsoft Edge saves an Active Directory user's favorites and settings to a file that can be moved between different computers"

MS has yet no other plans to enable the other sync settings for on-prem customers


the good: MS will check if they will make the reset informations clearer for on-prem sync or even hide it because this reset will not reset anything.


thats it. nothing more nothing less - i guess we have to live with that or change the browser :)


I know this is a bit old, but I was recently having problems getting RoamingProfileSupportEnabled to actually work. I now have it working, and here's what I discovered:


  • Win 10 client must be traditional AD-joined
  • Win 10 client can't have the Azure account added (under Work accounts in settings)
  • Obviously if you want roaming profile support, you need the user configured to roam the profile as well. 
  • Extra Credit - define roamingprofile exclusions in group policy (User Config-> System -> User Profiles -> Exclude directories in roaming profile). I exclude ones that have been problematic to me in the past:
    • AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Teams
    • AppData\Roaming\Adobe
    • AppData\Roaming\Apple
    • AppData\Roaming\Webex
    • AppData\Roaming\Zoom
    • OneDrive
    • Pictures
    • Music
    • Videos
    • Downloads
    • Dropbox
    • Desktop (if using folder redirection)
    • Documents (if using folder redirection)
    • Contacts (who uses this?)
    • 3D Objects (who uses this??)
    • Searches (same)
    • Saved Games (this is a work PC...)




  • ConfigureOnPremisesAccountAutoSignIn = 1
  • RoamingProfileSupportEnabled = 1
  • (Optional) RoamingProfileLocation = $(roaming_app_data)\edge-profile
  • (Optional) SyncDisabled = 1 (no sync to cloud)



RoamingProfileSupport in Microsoft Edge does work, even if Windows Profile of the user is local.

Hi guys, I read all posts, but I'm not sure to have understand correctly.
We've Citrix Xenapp with UPM and Azure AD connect using to sync our AD and O365, in this enviroment the Edge roaming profiles GPOs isn't working?
I tried all yesterday to set GPOs with your suggestions (check the attached screenshots), but the only folder/files in roaming path is a single file "profile.pb", the others folders are in the local path.


Thank you for any suggestion

I have enabled the setting in latest edge, and it seems to be not working at all.

Folder and profile data is not created in roaming profile, not even with explicitly specifying it using "Set the roaming profile directory" in GPO



I can confirm, that on Windows 10 21H2 on a domain joind computer with a domain user logged on and with RoamingProfileLocation and RoamingProfileSupportEnabled there is a profile.pb generated in the configured location. We also have set ConfigureOnPremisesAccountAutoSignIn.

Do you use on-prem or Azure AD accounts?
I think there is no point for me to use ConfigureOnPremisesAccountAutoSignIn, i have pure on-prem setup, no azure accounts.
Currently i have confirmed that policies work in edge://policy, but directory and pdb file is not created. The same policy in chrome works fine.
Latest Edge and w10 21h2, im not sure where is the problem, if you have it working...
All right, after i set SignInAndMakeDomainAccountNonRemovable to SignInAndMakeDomainAccountNonRemovable it started working, it's still not working with default profile. Well, at least i found the working scenario