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Are there any plans to have roaming profile support for Edge Chromium (profile.pb)? This would be a requirement for us to use Edge Chromium in a Citrix environment which uses Microsoft roaming profiles. Changing "user data dir" path to roaming profiles will cause profile bloat and is not a good solution in large roaming profile environments.



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I think this would be fantastic.  This is how we currently sync our VDI environment for Chrome.

I've tried the new Edge sync, but it does not work properly (yet?)   By default, Edge uses the local domain\UserID and says sync is not enabled.  We can manually create a profile and login with our UPN and sync works.  I've tried various GPO ADML policies to try and for using the UPN address, but nothing seems to work....   Please enable the good old Profile.pb for those that don't want to sync with Azure.



Horizon View environments using persona management definitely need this as well. Is there any way to make feature requests to the Edge Chromium dev team?


Without this feature, this is causing more problem in enterprise deployment


You can use the "Set the roaming profile directory" setting since version 85 of Microsoft Edge.