Renamed classes in components/blacklist - Upstream Chromium


Hi there - I noticed that as of version 87 in Chrome, the following upstream changes have been made in Chromium:


Rename classes in components/blacklist to use more inclusive names. (I8a1a7d7b) · Gerrit Code Review...


I'm wondering if these will make their way into Edge so we can plan importing new ADMX files accordingly.



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@lexcyn Hello!  Thanks for reaching out!  I can see our policy documentation has been updated to say "blocklist" and "allowlist" 


Are you seeing differently in the ADMX files?  Let me know if you are having an issue and I'll check with our team.  Thanks! 



@Kelly_Y thank you for the quick response! You know what, I probably should have checked before I posted. It seems our polices were always block/allow - we were just frazzled at the Chrome changes today since we only update our ADMX files quarterly or if there are any major changes.


Thanks for confirming :)

@lexcyn Great!  Thanks for following up and glad to hear everything is OK!