pop up of edge in ie mode getting blocked running from selenium script though they are disabled.

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I am trying to run selenium automation scripts in edge in ie mode and it's blocking all the pop ups though they are disabled in the settings both in edge and ie.



Can anyone please help, is thisa settings issue or i need to add somethng to my scripts?

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@sudhansu075 Hi!  Just to confirm, are you using IEDriver?  


There is a known limitation with opening new windows when using IEDriver.  Please see this documentation for more information: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/webdriver-chromium/ie-mode?tabs=c-sharp#known-limita...





Thanks @Kelly_Y . Thanks for your reply.

This is about the pop up getting blocked by the browser when running in ie mode. I am not using any new window operation.




I am facing similar issue, are you able to solve it if so please kindly provide the solution


Hi @sudhansu075 I have same issue, you have solution for this case, I looking forward your reply
Same issue here - no idea how to disable that popup blocker