PersonalizationReportingEnabled is being ignored

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The PersonalizationReportingEnabled option ("Allow personalization of ads, Microsoft Edge, search, news and other Microsoft services by sending browsing history, favorites and collections, usage and other browsing data to Microsoft") is being ignored.


When using the Group Policy option to set it to Disabled, it doesn't show as managed policy in edge://policy

When using Group Policy to set the Registry value (again to disable it), it appears as a managed policy, but seems to be ignored on first-run.


We use Edge for our exam environment. As users have no profile on logon, users are being asked to confirm they agree to personalisation before they can continue.

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@KielHurleyUC Thanks for reaching out.  I was not able to find any similar reports of this.  Can you share a screenshot showing how the policy is being configured and include anything else the team can use to reproduce?  Another option is to reach out to Support for Business (Support - Microsoft Edge Developer) they will be able to gather logs and diagnostic data to investigate your specific case.  



I am having the same issue, GPO set to disable yet still getting popup.

@Danny0132 Hello - Can you share a screenshot of the popup?  Thanks! 



@Kelly_Y here you go. 



@Danny0132 @KielHurleyUC Hello!  It looks like this issue has been fixed by the team in the latest Stable version.  Would you be able to test using either Version 114.0.1823.43 or Version 114.0.1823.51.  Thanks! 



It now works correctly on Version 114.0.1823.51.

A new issue is now we have a "Browser Essentials" Icon in the top toolbar. I downloaded and latest admx files to try and disable it via GPO and could not find the option.

Do you know of a registry setting or GPO setting to disable that icon?




Thanks for all your help.


@Danny0132 Hi!  I'll ask the team about the Browser Essentials icon.  Would you be able to start a new thread about this separate topic?  Thanks! 



Sure thing, will do.