PDF viewer does not work with JavaScript

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All of our corporate documents are managed in a document solution that generates PDF files from the documents with a specific header in the document stating when they have been requested etc.

This header uses JavaScript build into the PDF which works just fine in Adobe Acrobat Reader, Internet Explorer (as it uses Acrobat Reader) etc.
But sadly in Edge it only loads the top of the header on each page and displays an error saying: "TypeError: this.info.toSource is not a function". The rest of each page is missing (see screenshot below)


This means that thousands of documents that cannot be viewed with the build-in PDF viewer in Edge, but we have to manually download the file and then open it in Adobe Reader.



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I also have this issue and I'm disappointed to see no one had replied to this. I also found a similar thread here TypeError: this.info.toSource is not a function : chrome (reddit.com). If someone has any solution please post here.



If any respite, Firefox is better. Does render the document. But also mentions about the issue, suggesting to use a native app like Acrobat to render outside the browser.



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I am facing the same issue. Curious to understand how these files are created. Can you let me know please.

Any leads on this , i am facing the same issue in my organisation and its really frustrating . any solution will be appretiated.

Hi Everyone! There is an entry on the M365 Roadmap for "PDF support for JavaScript and XML Forms Architecture (XFA) based forms" https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/roadmap?featureid=91541


Would you be able to test on v104 Beta Channel or v105 Canary Channel to see if this issue has been resolved?  Download Microsoft Edge Insider Channels


If it is still not working on v104 or v105, do you have a link to a document that will reproduce the issue?  Thanks!