Open sourcing legacy edge

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Hello together,

Although I know this place might not be the correct one to ask this kind of questions and I also know, that the are different opinions on my question but I “just” wanted to get a somewhat official statement of Microsoft:

Is MS planning or at least willing to open source the legacy version of Microsoft Edge in the future like they did with ChakraCore?

By Microsoft Edge (legacy) I mean everything including the UI, the *.pdf and *.epub reader and the EdgeHTML Engine as well as the remaining private part of Chakra.

Personally, I’d really like to see those things; possibly “read-only open source” like MS did with the .Net Framework…

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It would be truly useful for not using Chrome "Blink" engine for stealing Webkit from Apple I'd rather use IE but I am forced to use Chromium Edge it's pure crap and I don't want to use it anymore I am forced to and this I am typing right now. It's best if we continue to keep on using the Legacy Edge and continue it's path developing stuff with proper privacy and not a company that thinks that a Advertisement can live with us NO it's a something that is trying to make money on us ALTHOUGH ALL BROWSERS IN MICROSOFT STORE are using EdgeHTML engine just wanting the original one so that I can have access to Incognito/Inprivate browsing.