O365 Accounts bleeding between browsers from computer

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I am a consultant with a domain joined workstation with an O365 business account (MyUser@MyCompany.com). I work for MANY different customers that provide me with MyUser@TheirCompany.com O365 accounts so that I can service them.


I create multiple Edge profiles, one for each email, but my domain-joined MyUser@MyCompany.com is constantly injected into various O365 logins across the various browsers/profiles. Some websites (i.e. PowerAutomate) make it almost impossible to login with the proper customer email address.


It's caused various issues where my work email ends up requesting to be an external Azure user in customer tenants.

This appears to be a bug to me.



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@Alex Kwitny Hello!  By chance have you taken a look at the profile settings here: edge://settings/profiles/multiProfileSettings?




Is it possible the default profile for external links is set to "Last used" or perhaps your account (MyUser@MyCompany.com)? 


If you are still having issues, can you also please submit diagnostic data through our in-browser feedback tool? It's under "..." menu > Help and feedback > Send feedback.  Thanks! 




I have already investigated that as well. "Last used" definitely causes problems.

As a developer/engineer myself, I'm pretty confident this is an Edge bug. I've submitted feedback as you suggested and also recorded the issue.

The most frustrating is using MS Flow or a few of those pages where it auto-logs in, even if I log out...it can be painful to get switched to the correct account.

I've been using Edge since it came out and this issue happened probably within the last 1-1.5 year. It's making me consider switching back to Chrome simply because it's making it so difficult to work.