-noframemerging and -k switches for MS Edge?

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Hi, Support


we have application use IE as a embedded browser, we are trying to make the transition from IE to MS Edge.


We need to launch the IE with both these 2 switches: "-noframemerging" and "-k".


according to the following doc, there are 2 recommended alternatives for the no-merge functionality in Microsoft Edge.



Option 1: I don't know if how to Use Profiles in MS Edge, especially we gonna use Edge in embedded kiosk mode? Could you elaborate on how to use profiles?

Option 2:  The problem using this option(--user-data-dir=<path>) is you have to provide a different path for each session. The application is run as standard user, it would be hard to create a folder under user data dir every time launching Edge.

option 3: Enable IE mode on Microsoft Edge.


So, for my use case, which option is the most suitable? thanks.



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@Liang_Ming Hello!  In your specific case, if you need help deploying MS Edge, our FastTrack team may be able help transitioning from IE.  Please see their website: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/fasttrack/microsoft-365/microsoft-edge