New Edge and Sync

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I'm trying to get some clarification on how to store favourites across devices for users in my domain when I install the new edge.

I've set the group policy to auto-sign them into Edge which works fine and they can manipulate their favourites but it says that sync is unavailable for this account.

Are domain-joined machined and users not allowed to sync? I have a P1 azure license but my domain would not know this.

Its a flat Server 2019 school domain and I would really like the ability for staff and students to be able to sign on at school using their D account and add favorites which then would allow them to do it at home if they want to.
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I've read this, I've got the licences needed but we sign into a domain rather than azure.

@Simon Smith The idea is that you sync your domain with AAD so that users are logged in at both at the same time. Then you will be able to let users login to the AAD account automaticlly.

reg, Henno