Microsoft Edge: Login multiple profiles with the same account

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Hi Team

We force user to login to their Edge profile with their O365 account, so they have everything stored in the account. 

We have some cases where users use multiple browsers, because they have multiple logins for webpages they need the whole day. 

We cannot use Edge only because we force them to sign in and Edge allows only one profile for each account (see attachment). Please make this possible in further releases. 

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It seems to be a Chrome Family problem. Anyway, not being possible to have multiple profiles under the same account is annoying and dumb in several regards. But, who are we to fight the stubborn tech semi-gods that live in the Olympus of these big organizations?

So, I am hoping to "up" this one :) I have been using edge ... pretty much since it came out. I have to run on all three major operating systems and I need to segment my work as management, devops, and development. As such, I am hopeful that MSFT will see fit to move the needle on letting us use one o365/Azure/DirectoryOfChoice and allowing multiple profiles to be used with it. This is something that actually costs me lots of time ... and I assume MSFT money because I basically create free accounts to JDT (Just Do This) ... which is pretty dumb. It isn't nice for end users and it means that MSFT has "empty" accounts.


Here is how I do it in case others want to know how to:
1. open up an InPrivate window
2. go to
3. signup for a free account. Create an account name that makes sense for what you want to do.
4. Us the new account as your "account" for the profile.

That should be it. MSFT ... please fix this ... this is dumb and completely not friendly to users ... I accept that I am a "power" user ... but really ... aren't we all eventually "power users"?