Microsoft Edge C reverting from 32 to 64-bit; setting Edge as default browser not working

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Hi! We are currently testing Microsoft EdgeC in our environment. We have selected and manyally install the 32-bit version of Edge Dev.


One of our team members has observed this following behavior. Something does not seem right:


Even though Update policies are being applied to disable updates, EdgeC keeps on updating. Scary thing is that it upgraded 32-bit to 64-bit via the auto-update:







- Policy to set EdgeC as default browser is not setting it to default





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@Joe_Dono Thanks for the feedback. 


Regarding the update changing bitness on update it looks like we have a bug that we need to fix with the MSIs for that.


Regarding the behavior of disabling auto-updates, we are looking into that more now. 


Regarding the default browser setting, which policy are you using to try to do that?


Thanks for trying out the next version of Microsoft Edge!




@Steve Rugh 


Thanks for the feedback, Steve!


I will see if I can get an answer to your last question for you.

@Steve Rugh 


Hi! attaching a screenshot of the GPO policy setting we are using




@Joe_Dono Thanks for the additional info.


What version of Windows are you running?


This policy would only work on Windows 7.  For more details, you can see more info here:



@Steve Rugh 


Hi we are running Windows 10, v1809 with KB4509479 

@Joe_Dono Unfortunately that policy won't work on Windows 10. We are working on documenting this flow specifically for the browser on Windows 10 in the coming weeks and can update here once that is available.


In the meantime, here is some general information on using DISM to change default associations in Windows 10: