Issues deploying PWA with GPO

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I am trying to deploy the Outlook PWA (office365) with the Edge group policy and am experiencing some strange behavior.  I have attempted this with both a computer and user policy, and with a registry setting, the behavior is the same.  My PWA string is pretty basic, [{"url": ""}].  So what happens is that once a user logs in after the policy is applied, they open edge and the PWA installs, but it installs in a weird state.  It has a icon of three black boxes, it shows the URL instead of the actual name of Outlook PWA, and I do not have the option to set the Outlook PWA as my default mail handler.  Sometimes after opening edge, going to Outlook in Office 365 and signing in, something with the PWA will change and it will then display and act correctly, but this behavior is hard to replicate.  There are no issues if you log in and install the PWA manually without the GPO.  What causes PWAs to install with the generic three black boxes, and are there any suggestions to make this work correctly and consistently?  I am trying to replace the classic Outlook client with the PWA in our VDI environment. We are running Edge 113.0.1774.42 on Windows Server 2019.


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@bandit88 Thanks for reaching out.  Just to confirm, are you using the WebAppInstallForceList policy?  If so, have you tried using the custom_icon option?