Is it possible to change new tab page layout with GPO?

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I'd like to force users to have the informational layout instead of inspirational by default.

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I would like to know how to do this as well. I cannot find any way to do it using GPO.
We want the focussed page without the adverts/news tabs on the bottom forced for all users.

We would also like a GPO to control the new tab page layout. It would be nice if there was a policy for full customization, or at least a way to apply the Focused, Inspirational or Informational layouts. 


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@OliverTeglhus  Did you have any luck with this?

@Elliot_the_Goose  no i haven't checked in a while but i doubt it's possible yet. Have  you checked if there is a new ADMX template?

@OliverTeglhus  Yeah i have the newest ADMX, still nothing, guess it's still early days

I am also looking to configure New tab layout using GPO... Also do You know if it's possible to set new tab as blank page?



Yes, no Problem to set new Tab to Blank. There is an GPO named "Configure the new tab Page". There just set the Homepage URL to -> about://blank


@Joachim_T  thanks... Just wanted to confirm this is expected, it might by a confusion for users that something is not working. I would prefer to have it just blank :) Anyway better would be to change new tab page layout, we would like to use o365 feed with focused layout.






its not working in usercontext. only in the GPO. And its working fine in our environment







for the adressbar you can use about:blank