Imaged device with Edge Chrome built in keeps reverting to old edge


There is two other posts about this with zero input from MS but the issue is worse than what is reported in those two. I imaged my device a week ago and it had the old edge icon even with the edge chrome installed in the gold image and set as the default browser. I fixed that after I logged into my devie and all of the icons where correct. Now randomly the old edge icon is coming back, it just showed up on my taskbar and now its even a live tile! Nor will it even let me remove it


Plus if you go under default apps and reset them it make old edge the main browser again, so clearly the edge chrome install is not really removing old edge from windows 10, this is not enterprise ready   

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@beeryurt Hey there! Thanks for raising this to us. You mention it being "not enterprise ready" so I want to confirm: Are you under a group policy for your work? I believe that this is a known issue if you are, but if you aren't then this might be something new and I definitely want to dig into it further.


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Not sure what under a GPO means but we not enforcing a default browser using GPO, we want edge to be set in the image but after a user gets a device they can change to another browser if they want.



@beeryurt Thanks for following up! I just wanted to confirm that you are an Enterprise user.


I believe this is a known issue related to the pinning of the legacy Edge rather than new Edge. This doc should be able to help with this. If you are the IT Admin for the environment, you should be able to check for the settings this way:


  1. Open Run dialog -> “gpedit.msc”
  2. Local Computer Policy->User Configuration->Administrative Templates->Start Menu and Taskbar-> Right click on Start Layout -> Edit
    1. The enabled radio button should be selected
    2. The XML layout file name should be listed in the new window that opens

In the XML itself file, if you are able to remove the below line and see that new Edge pins properly, that's the known issue itself.

<taskbar:UWA AppUserModelID="Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe!MicrosoftEdge" />


Apologies if this doesn't make much sense. I can clarify further, but I am still new to Enterprise environments and learning. Appreciate your patience with me. :)


Missy Quarry (she/her/hers)
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We don't pin edge in our custom xml, plus that would not be related at all to the fact that if you go under default apps, click "reset" and the icon changes from the new edge icon to the old one