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Edge seems to remember zoom setting changes except for IE Mode sites, they always reset to 100%.  Is there any way to change this behavior?

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@MPetro-Hoganas We have the same problem. I hope there is a solution!



Hadn't thought to test this before, but sure enough it resets every time. I'm positive I will hear complaints from users about this. 

We just had our users report this zoom reset occurring as well for IE mode in our environment.   Would like to see a resolution if anyone finds one.


Adding to this:

  • Opening Internet Explorer and setting a zoom level there does not affect the zoom level of IE Mode tabs opened in Edge
  • Opening one IE Mode tab in Edge and adjusting the zoom there does not affect the zoom level of subsequently opened IE Mode tabs
  • There do not appear to be any Edge flags controlling IE Mode zoom behavior
  • Changing the zoom level on a Chromium tab and on an IE Mode tab both leave identical entries in the Preferences file in %localappdata%\Microsoft\Edge\User Data\Default under per_host_zoom_levels, but I doubt the IE engine interacts with this file to retrieve this info
  • Changing the ZoomFactor value in HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Zoom has no effect on IE Mode tabs in Edge
  • The IE Setting in Tools>Internet Options>Advanced>Accessibility>Reset Zoom level for new windows and tabs does not have any bearing on how IE Mode tabs open in Edge



It looks like IE Mode tabs also ignore the minimum font size setting in Edge. 


@Deleted  Sorry to tag you, but it would be nice to know if the Enterprise team has this on their radar. 

@AndrewSAIF Thanks for reaching out. I've reached out to the IE Mode team and will let you know if they have any insights about this zooming behavior.


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@MPetro-Hoganas @AndrewSAIF A fix for this issue should be available in Edge versions 84.0.496 or after. Can you confirm if you're still seeing this behavior on the latest version of Edge Dev/Beta? 




@Shilpa_Subramanian Just installed the BETA - the issue appears to be resolved!  Awesome!  Next question, when will that feature make the stable release? :)


Hi Shilpa,

Thanks for the quick reply! I tested in Edge Dev and it looks like it does correctly keep the zoom level now. This is great news. 

I did notice that there is a popup anytime a new IE Mode tab is launched for which zoom is set:


However, this popup is preferable to the feature not working at all. 

@Deleted Thank you!



Hi Shilpa,


I have some additional feedback about this feature from my pilot group. It looks like anytime an IE Mode page opens a popup window on the same subdomain set to a different zoom level, this has the effect of changing the user's zoom preference for that whole site immediately, which changes the zoom level for the parent tab. The example I was able to duplicate involved a link that opened a popup window that was a hard-coded size. The content automatically zoomed to fit the window, which resulted in the zoom level for the site being changed. 


It is possible these popups could be redesigned to open to a relative size, but it would be also nice if Edge only changed this preference as a result of user interaction instead of anytime the zoom level changes. 

I am not seeing this fixed in 88.0.705.56 (Official build) (64-bit). IE tabs still open to a different default and resetting them doesn't change the default. Nor does setting the default for stand alone IE11. Also, with a homepage of multiple enterprise and non-enterprise tabs, occasionally an IE11 tab is incorrectly opened as a separate window.

@PeteWilson  See following post for possible description of what's if the windows display scale factor is other than 100%, then Edge is scaling an embedded IE mode page with that scale factor...

IE mode page zoom is 25% greater than Edge zoom - Microsoft Tech Community


I think that is probably related, but it should still be possible to set a default for the IE zoom and have it stick in Enterprise Mode IE11 tabs.