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Our SharePoint Online sites feature lots of links to our local network file system (file://), which new Edge blocks access to. (I understand the security concerns there.)


Some online searching showed that IE Mode might be a solution to get file:// links working in Edge, so I configured Edge for "Internet Explorer mode" (i.e., so it does not open a separate IE11 window) and added our SharePoint Online domain to the Enterprise Mode Site List.


However, when I try to navigate to the SharePoint page in Edge, I end up in a redirect loop. The SharePoint URL redirects to the URL for authentication, where it refreshes several times before bringing me to the login screen saying, "We could not sign you in. Please try again."


My hunch is that the SharePoint URL (IE mode) is redirecting to the MSOnline Login URL (Edge mode), which is then redirecting back to SharePoint (IE mode), which isn't accepting the tokens, etc., so it redirects back to the Login URL (Edge mode), back and forth.


Is there a way to make this work? I don't want to add the URL to IE mode because we have a lot of other services that don't need IE mode.

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I resolved this issue.


If I had scrolled down in the IE Mode doc, I would have seen:

I am trying to go to a site in IE mode, and it appears to be stuck navigating in a loop or tells me ...

This is probably happening because the site you are trying to reach is redirecting to an authentication server that's not configured to open in IE mode. You can try opening the site in standalone IE11 with Developer Tools open to see the identity of the authentication server.


The solution is to configure the authentication server in your Enterprise site list as “neutral”. You can do this using the Enterprise Mode Site List Manager or directly in the sitelist XML.


I had to use developer tools (network pane) to see where the redirects were happening. For Microsoft Online, the domains I added to the Enterprise Mode Site List as neutral were:

  • <my ADFS domain> (just in case)

@Andrew Colombino 




I'm having the same issue. I have added the authentication sites added to the Site List as neutral.  I have MFA enabled.   I'm adding <<subsite>/<subsite> as I do not want all my whole SharePoint sites in IE mode.  I did noticed that if I log into the SharePoint in IE11 once then Edge takes me directly into my IE Mode subsite.


Any suggestions?