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I'm using Edge Beta v79.0.309.18 on Windows 10 1909 x64. I've managed to enable IE Mode and it works great. However whenever i click on a link that opens a  popup in IE Mode, that main tab and popup window just hangs, doesn't respond in any way. Task Manager shows IE and Edge processes still working as usual, no problems. I've tried multiple solutions like registering the popup urls to the enterprise list as neutral. Doesn't work.


Any suggestions? Thanks.

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@UmutG  Thanks for reaching out and sorry you're running into issues.

Are you able to collect logs and share back to help us narrow down what's happening? Feel free to send a private message to ensure the logs don't get truncated.

Here's guidance -

- Start Edge with the command line "msedge.exe --enable-logging --v=1 --vmodule=*/dual_engine/*"

- This will create a log in "%localappdata%\microsoft\Edge<Canary/Dev/Beta>\user data\chrome_debug.log"

- The log is human readable and will contain URLs. Please proof read to ensure there is no PII information included before you share back with us.


@UmutGI've got the same problem, and already filed it as feedback right from the smiley in the browser. So far the problem has not been identified and/or fixed by Microsoft.


I can exactly reproduce your problem. Got our intranet (sharepoint) sites defined in a sites.xml that makes 'em open in a IE Mode tab by a local on-device policy. Whenever a link on any of the sharepoint pages is defined as target=_blank (open in new windows/tab) it totally hangs both source and target tab. Can only be remedied by killing the browser through the task manager.

Could you please put this high on your fix-list Microsoft? Cause the IE mode IMHO is the killer enterprise feature, which is now not so usable :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:

@Shilpa_Subramanian Thanks for your reply, i've sent you a private message containing the urls and debug log files.

@Moaske Thanks four your help, i did report the problem to Microsoft by using the "smiley" feature hope they fix this problem soon. The main reason i choose edge chromium as my main browser at work is i want to use only one browser for all the work. Right now i have to use IE for e-signature and edge for casual browsing. IE Mode is the top enterprise feature but it's not working properly.

Hi @Shilpa_Subramanian 
Could you keep us informed on if you have been able to reproduce this problem and subsequently it's status for fixing it? :smile:

Thanks! Marco

@Moaske @UmutG Thanks for your patience. We've made some improvements in the IE code for this issue. Internet Explorer fixes will ship as part of the OS update early next year. In the meantime, can you  validate on the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview builds -

Hi @Shilpa_Subramanian Would using the IE Mode testmode be enough to test this? I guess it doesn't make a difference how/why IE Mode was triggered, right?  (got some policy issues on the work machine and of course it doesn't have and Insider build).
My Insider machine is on the very latest build right now :cool:

@UmutG I've been reporting this issue for months. But I haven't taken the time yet to see if it's just my setup that's incorrect or not. I was going to try adding in the microsoft login url to a neutral entry but if that didn't fix the popups someone else mentioned...


This kills IE Mode for us - I want to use Edge as we migrate our SharePoint 2013 on premise to SPO - I really want to use one browser. But our SP2013 site has lots of 'open in new window' or 'open in new tab' and you have to use task manager to kill the browser.

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@Shilpa_Subramanian I have just tried it on our intranet sites with the latest Insider build (19037.1) with Edge Dev 80.0.358.0 and all the required 






all set and the test mode string added to the launch shortcut: 






and I can confirm it behaves as expected now:

A link with 'target=_blank' specified will now really open the link in a new IE mode tab, loading the webpage as expected. No longer resulting in an empty tab with 'about:_blank'  staring at me from the address bar... Thanks! Great work!


Going forward; will this fix uniquely require the forthcoming 2004 Update? Or will the fix eventually also be rolled out to IE installs on older builds as well? Through the monthly patches maybe? :smile:

@Moaske That's great, thanks for validating! 

The fix will be shipped through monthly patches to older builds as well.

Fantastic news! Will be waiting for the official fix, hope it will be released soon.


@Shilpa_Subramanian wrote:

@Moaske That's great, thanks for validating! 

The fix will be shipped through monthly patches to older builds as well.

@Shilpa_SubramanianAwesome! :lol: Will this be with the next batch? So the januari patches?

@Shilpa_Subramanian Is there a new patch released to fix this issue? We cannot deploy new Edge to all our users until a fix is released.

@bmoteria I have the problem that EDGE freeze when it tried to open popup window. I have to kill the process of EDGE to close all windows