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We have an issue with one site that has been added to our Enterprise Site List, the site in question works as intended however our users are getting a message that the site is not secure:


This is only once logging in to the site, at the main page, it shows as secure:


Does anybody have any advice as to why this may be happening, as users are wary of using the site given the above.


Accessing the site via IE naively with no issues or warnings.



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It also happens to my cousin's company; when he goes to

@JBrunsden  @Kam  Hello!  Thanks for reaching out!  It sounds like you are encountering a similar issue to something that was discussed here recently.  Would you be able to take a look at IE Mode - Not Secure for internal websites - Microsoft Tech Community?  


If you are still having an issue after trying the suggestion, please let us know.  Thanks!