IE mode just opens IE?


I followed this guide


I have in GPO set "Configure Internet Explorer integration." to Internet Explorer Mode


The XML file is:


<site-list version="205">
<site url="*url*">


I did this according to the guide. Now when i open the URL in new edge it just opens IE browser, and not emulated inside of Edge. What have i done wrong? :) Please help..

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I've the same issue and I'm interested in the solution. The XML file is working but it opens IE instead of emulate it on the Edge chromium.



Hi Oliver, 

let's see if we can work it out. 

Which branch of Edge are you running (Beta/Dev/Canary) and what is the build number? 

Also, what OS version are you using?


To check if Edge is recognizing your sitelist correctly, type edge://compat into the address bar. This will list all entries from your XML-sitelist. Can you try and tell me what output you get





Dev Version 81.0.389.2



What you have under edge://policy ?

You should have this one:


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@mindst Yea i have it, but it says 2. Which is Internet Explorer Mode.


Edit: Wait all nevermind. Apparently Edge just took it's sweet time to update the GPO... It actually does work now and open in-browser like it should. Sorry for bothering :D



Well, your XML is looking good and the path to your file is recognized correctly. 

With Dev #81.0.389.2 on Windows 1903 it should definitely work, just tested with an identical machine. 

So, let's check your configuration.


1. Did you install the necessary updates? For IE mode on 1903 you need  KB4503293 or higher and KB4501375 or higher


2. Go to edge://flags/ and check the following

  • Enable IE Integration is set to IE mode
  • Enable enhanced hang resistance for IE Integration is set to Enabled
  • Enable IE window hang resistance for IE Integration is set to Enabled

3. Open the registry and check if the GPO policies for IE mode are set correctly:

  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Edge >  
    InternetExplorerIntegrationLevel (REG_DWORD) with value 1 (or decimal: 0x00000001) 
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\EnterpriseMode >  SiteList (REG_SZ) with path to your XML-sitelist


Glad you got it working!

Just for the record, to force GPO updates to immediately take effect, open an elevated command prompt and run: gpupdate /force



See my latest post it is working now. Edge just took several restarts before it updated the GPO changes i had made.. Sorry

@OliverTeglhus did you set the GPO for the users or computers ? 

I've also forced the update's gpo and still the same.

@el-fe for Computers. Check edge://policy/ and see if it's there.

FYI, there are several threads on here where IE mode stopped working across all channel builds. In these cases IE mode policies are already set in place and working, but suddenly stops on individual devices. Nothing short of reimaging brings IE mode back.



If I open edge://policy/ :



for edge://flags/


And the XML :



EDIT: add the edge://compat/iediagnostic :


@el-fe From your XML, it looks like you are using <open-in app=true>IE11</open-in>. This will open the site in standalone IE11 and not in IE mode. 

To open in IE mode, use <open-in>IE11</open-in>.

For more information, see

@Shilpa_Subramanian you're right. I followed the first example and didn't see the difference. 
I will try with the new XML and let you know.