IE Mode javascript window.close() is not working

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On intranet applications window.close() is not working when in IE Mode. It simply does nothing, I can't debug browser in IE Mode as F12 doesn't works, so don't know actual reason. Page is being opened via script using"xxxx","_blank"), and inside that page is button that calls javascript function with window.close(). Pressing button doesn't works in IE Mode. It works in IE and even in Chrome

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Thanks for trying IE mode!

Can you please let us know the Edge and OS versions you are using? If you type in edge://version in the address bar and send us the details, that will help.

That was on Windows 7, Edge dev, I think that was version. IE mode crashes on last dev version , so can't check if that works

@mindst Sorry for the delayed response. The fix for this issue should be released in the Win 7 OS update this month. I'll update this thread when we have the KB information.