IE mode crashes when browsing to a legacy page

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I have a Windows 8.1 with latest patches up to September previews.   i've notice the following


1) even though the GPO is set to use IE Mode its still shown as not set in edge:/flags.  is that expected?

2) when i hit a page configured to go to IE Mode EDGE has an appcrash and then opens the page in a separate IE11 window

3) when you go to edge://compat when you first start the browser it says no enterprise site list found. even though the policy is set.   after a while of using the browser this eventually show.


has anyone seen these?

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@GlennM1630 Thank you for trying IE mode!

1. If you set the GPO to enable IE mode, the flags will not be set.

2. We had a bug with IE mode on Win 8.1, which has been fixed as of the latest Dev channel update (268.3). Please let us know if you're still experiencing an issue.

3. For the site list to refresh, you will need to restart the browser and wait 60 seconds for the changes to be reflected on edge://compat. We are working on a better experience for this. Stay tuned!