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Good Morning/Afternoon All,

I have an interesting question about IE Explorer Mode and it may have already been addressed. I just recently figured out how to access IE Explorer Mode through and although it took a bit to follow these steps due to one of them seeming to be wrong I finally got IE Mode to work. I found the Configure Internet Explorer integration located under Administrative Templates > Microsoft Edge and not listed under Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Microsoft Edge as the site suggested for anyone unable to find it.


Now, here is my question: I am testing Edge C Dev on my Companies Intranet since our site supports IE 11. When I load up the page it properly loads up in IE Mode and able to log on. However, the IE Mode seems to go away once I log in and then when I go to click on a link, or even refresh the page it takes me back to the log in screen with IE Mode showing again.


Any thoughts on this or is this a bug?


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@WillieT1986  This might be due to the intermediary authentication site running in the Edge engine.

Can you try adding the authentication site as a neutral site? 

If you're using the Enterprise Site List Tool, enter the authentication URL, such as and in the "Open In" drop down, select "None".

If you're using the site list XML, you could add:

    <site url="">



I went ahead and tried this a couple of different ways and it seems that nothing seems to work, nor when I uninstall and reinstall and reset up the policies it seems to all stay the same. 


Any other suggestions? I also assume that I must being doing the site list part wrong as well as it is my first time messing around with something like this as well.

@WillieT1986 Did I understand correctly that the first site you tried did open in IE mode on Edge? When you needed to log in, you were no longer in IE mode. And refreshing the page brought you back to IE mode?

If the first part is true, then the site list is probably working right.



Yeah, when I go to access the login screen on Edge Dev it enables IE Mode but when I go to log in it would go back to Edge and then when I click on a link it would take me back to the log in screen. Odd right? I tried to make that site list xml file as well and now it just switches back n forth between IE Mode and Edge for the Log In screen and nothing else. 


I am able to I will try and get the time to take some screenshots and make a google doc file to list my settings and the screens that I am looking at that will not violate my company at all. 

@WillieT1986  I just noticed a typo in the XML above and corrected it, if you want to give it another try.


  <site url="">


If it still doesn't work, we can look at other options to troubleshoot.


In general, the sites that you have listed in the XML with the element <open-in>IE11</open-in> should open in IE mode. All other sites will open in Edge.  Here's the updated documentation.


I got a little bit of time yesterday to read that article over and realized I was doing the setup wrong with the sites.xml file and pointing to its location. I am going to try messing around with that some more and see how it goes but so far still prevents my intranet site from working and any other sites similar to it that support IE 11 does not switch over either but I will try and get some time to play around with it this week.


I decided to wait for a few updates to see if anything changes. I then went and undid everything and followed along with the most up-to-date instructions which then I eventually found the download for Enterprise Mode Site List Manager and utilized this tool to help me generate the schema v2 site.xml file. Now, IE Mode seems to be working.


However, the Company I work for has a single Client that is forced to have us connect to the VPN via Dial-Up... IE Mode seems to fail miserably with Dial-Up. 


Not sure if this is something that would need to be looked in to or if IE Mode will not support Dial-Up connections. When I removed the site I needed to access through Dial-Up it worked as normal. So I tried it a few times through enabling, restarting Edge Dev and disabling it on the site list and yeah I have seemed to found that when a Clients Site is added to my Site List that it can no longer be accessed through Dial-Up but when Clients Site is removed from the Site List then it works as intended.


I also do know who I would need to tag in order to get this across to a support team to be looked into or if it is a known issue or not.