how to perform automatic backup of favorites

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our users are working with microsoft edge. the business-account is logged in automatically in the browser and favorites are synched into ms azure.
nevertheless we would like backup our users browser favorites. in the old-IE-days we could easily grab the favorites-folder in the user-profile...

is there a supported solution to properly backup automatically the edge favorites from our AD-users? (for example with a powershell script?)
as far as we know, there is no possibility to view, manage or backup the favorites in the ms-azure-cloud....

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@Sandro_GMLU Hello!  Just to confirm, do you have a Bookmarks or Bookmarks.bak file at this location?  


C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Edge\User Data\Default
(Note: This applies to MS Edge Stable Channel.  If using other Channels the folder would be a little different Edge SxS for Canary, Edge Dev or Edge Beta)

@Kelly_Y yes, there is a bookmark-file.

we have set an alternate path in de localappdata-profile (with a GPO). and at this location is the bookmark-file with the users favorites.

@Sandro_GMLU A user in the Tech Community actually posted some information about what they implemented in their organization.  Maybe this can help! 


Automate Edge-Favorites Backup as HTML-File - Microsoft Tech Community






thanks, i already knew this script from gunnar. but unfortunately it was designed for edge beta V79. and i tried to use it with the actual version (V87). but there are a few missmatches during a test-recovery (icons in favorites-bar not visible etc.)