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My question got awnsered but wasn't totaly clear. The question was:

Something I mis in Edge in combination with MAM on a private unmanaged Windows device. (So MAM without enrollment) is that every site opened under a logged on (AAD) Edge profile isn't protected (the suitcase icon does not apear). A website should be added in the MAM profile, but if that is done the website is always protected even if you open in in a different Edge user profile and logged on with other credentials than your corporate credentials. 

It is pretty difficult to explain it here without seeing it in action. I will rebuild it in my lab and see if I can get a more clear view of what I experienced. It could be more intuitive in my opinion.




I have a web application that only supports IE11. Currently, I have configured Enterprise Mode to allow the application to be opened in Edge, emulating IE11.  The user can access the web application with IE11 and Edge. Now, I want to only allow the users to access the application on Edge only. I can force IE11 to redirect to Edge but when I do this it stops emulating IE11 in Edge. How do I configure Enterprise mode to force an URL to Edge and continue to emulate IE11. I do not want the users to use IE11 for this website. I cannot disable IE11 across the enterprise because we have other websites that still require IE11. Thanks

@mattphung Hello!  If IE11 is no longer necessary and you have configured IE mode, it is possible to disable Internet Explorer 11 as a standalone browser.  


Here is the documentation: Disable Internet Explorer 11 | Microsoft Docs





I cannot disable IE11 across the enterprise because we have other websites that still require IE11. Are there any other options? Thanks

@mattphung Hi!  Got it, you are not ready to totally disable IE11.  I think what might be helpful would be to connect with the App Assure team.  They can work with you directly and help with your specific site.  


The App Assure promise is this: if your web apps and sites work on Internet Explorer 11, supported versions of Google Chrome, or any version of Microsoft Edge (including Microsoft Edge Legacy), those web apps and sites should work on Microsoft Edge. If an issue arises, you can either
request assistance or email (ACHELP@microsoft.com) for remediation support at no additional cost. 


Also, there is a Webinar today with the App Assure team specifically about IE mode, there are a couple of time slots available.

November 9 Webinar: Plan your move from IE 11 to Microsoft Edge with IE mode - Microsoft Tech Commun...





Would you PLEASE publish a list of Edge command line options?



@Chris_Colby Thanks for reaching out!  Eric Lawrence, Principal Program Manager on the MS Edge team, was at the Ignite Ask the Expert session.  He has a post about command line arguments on his website.  Please see: “Can I… in the new Edge?” (Un-FAQ) – text/plain (textslashplain.com)







Thanks for the followup!


Wish I knew why y'all aren't publishing the flags, but it was nice to get an idea of how to parse them at least.


My interest is wanting to know how to open Edge using a collection. Is that possible?