GPO target to major version only

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Hi, it would be great to make possible to target Edge version via GPO to major version only.


For example, If I changed Target version override in GPO to "109", I'd received all minor updates in 109 major version.


In Google Chrome Enterprise it works, unlike Edge. 

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@jirikovo Hi - Can you confirm this question is regarding the TargetVersionPrefix policy (Microsoft Edge Update Policy Documentation | Microsoft Learn)?  Thanks!



@Kelly_Y Yes, I can confirm it. In documentations you provided was written: The policy value must be a specific Microsoft Edge version, for example, 83.0.499.12.


It would be great to change it. Reasson:

  • Version 110 has been released and must be tested in our enviroment
  • Version 109 is still supported. I need to stay in vesion 109 for all company computers until test will be passed. But need to be updated in minor updates (security bugs, for example)

Right now there is no way how to do that easily with Edge, unlike Google Chrome.

@jirikovo Thanks for confirming!  I took a quick look and was not able to find any planned updates to the TargetVersionPrefix policy.  If you haven't had a chance yet, you can submit feature requests through the browser for the team to investigate. ("..." menu > Help and feedback > Send feedback)