Feedback on Edge for Business in Edge 116

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Hi there,

This is general feedback on the implementation of the Edge for Business feature that debuted in Edge 116. 

There are a number of bugs, unconsidered use cases, and policy omissions that came with Edge for Business. What's more, these issues are affecting organizations that can't even make use of the feature due to having MSA login disabled. 

I think in the future it may be wiser to debut larger feature updates like this on odd-numbered releases. This would prevent organizations that have opted for the Extended Stable release track from receiving the feature immediately upon release. 

This would benefit organizations that depend heavily on browser stability, and benefit the development team by allowing additional time to address issues discovered upon release of the feature to the Stable track before Extended Stable customers are affected. 

I understand that we can't put the genie back in the bottle for 116, but thank you for considering this feedback going forward. 



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