Feature request: force sync functionality useless -- GPO needs a list that can't be disabled

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The ability to force sync on was recently added to Edge but it is useless in its current form. When enabled, sync is unable to be turned off but the all the individual entries can be. What then is the point of the force sync feature?


Please fix this by expanding this GPO to include a list of sync object that cannot be turned off, exactly how there is a list to disable certain items from syncing.



It's always something.... I am still waiting to deploy Edge and if this is fixed I still have to wait through 2 more version cycles that is months away. It feels Microsoft has no idea how to develop for the enterprise anymore. Very frustrating.


Thanks and I hope to dump Chrome ASAP! Edge is awesome so far and I'm using it on all my PCs.

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@kqf_chris Hello!  We've been discussing your question with the team. 


They've said "The ForceSync policy’s primary goal was to avoid showing “Turn on sync” prompts to users during browser start-up. And the Sync toggle remains ON and disabled so that when new sync data types are enabled, they get turned on by default for users without again having to show any consent prompts."


"Today there is no way that data-types can be forced to sync and the sync data-type toggles UI disabled."


We do appreciate the feedback as the team continues to discuss this specific scenario.  We will let you know if there are any updates/insights!  Thanks!