Favourites Bar Missing Some of My Favourites

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I had put several folders in my favourites bar in Microsoft Edge, and a few of them are suddenly missing. I never deleted any of them and I can still see my favourites bar and 3 of my folders so I am not really sure what the issue is. Thanks in advance for any insight! 

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@Hannah_Nielsen Hello!  Thanks for reaching out!  I can see the team has been investigating similar reports. 


If you haven't had a chance yet, can you also please submit diagnostic data through the browser? ("..." menu > Help and feedback > Send feedback).  Also, it would be helpful if you could include some additional information.  For example, did you notice favorites missing on launching the browser? Or perhaps after updating the browser?  Thanks! 




@Kelly_Y Hi Kelly, I have submitted a report! It happened this morning when I opened up my browser, I don't believe I updated it at all.