edge policies to control the appearance settings of history and downloads

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Are there plans to create edge policies for controlling the appearance of history and downloads on the menu of edge like show cast / home button etc?

are there any other way to control its appearance not though admx in endpoint manager for now?

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@NickB Hi! Can you elaborate or explain a little bit about how you want to change the history and download menus?  


You mentioned Cast and Home Button, we currently have policies to show those on the toolbar:   




Sure - the existing policies for show home button and cast force these on/off as required in the top right of the nav menu of Edge.

Owing to recent changes on how edge downloads docs/programmes etc we'd like to enforce the downloads button in this area and conversations with users have indicated that they'd like a quick 1 click button access to browser history too however no policies exist for those items

@NickB Thanks for the additional information!  I think I understand, basically you want a policy to force the History and Downloads icon to appear on a users toolbar automatically, instead of each user adding it to the toolbar individually.  Is that correct?  




@Kelly_Y you got it... :)
i noticed in edge dev there is now a math solver and tips (not sure about need for the former but the latter could help further adoption)

@NickB Great!  Let me reach out to the team.  I'll pass on your feedback and see if there are any plans to create a policy to control these features.  



@NickB Hi!  The team now has added to their roadmap work to investigate a policy like you mentioned.  No ETA yet but we can follow up here with any updates.  Thanks!