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Hello Team


i have configured Microsoft Edge with GPO and it works like expected.


I have just one problem, where I cannot find a solution.


When Microsoft Edge is not running and it starts, it starts with the "Startpage". When clicking on the same window and open a new tab, it opens "Blank". That's fine, and works like it should.


But, when Microsoft Edge is already running and a new Edge Browser is started (by the "Start Menu" or the Taskbar), it open the "blank" page (or tab).


Is it not possible, to start a new Edge Browser with the "Start" page? Does this only work, when Edge is not running?


Every input is very appreciated.



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@giusischiri when clicking on the pinned TaskBar-Icon or in Startmenu you don't start a separate Edge Instance, it is just a new Window of the already started Edge - you can clearly see this e.g. with Process Explorer, it is just an additional child of the already running Edge.


So you would have to configure the NewTabPageLocation to get what you expect. But New Tab then opens with this Location too. I currently see no way to separately configure New Tab and New Window.