Edge Kiosk mode resetting

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Hello all,


I have been using the new Edge on our timeclock machines for some time now. The old Edge throws errors whenever we try to use it in kiosk mode now. For the last two weeks now, Edge will just disappear and kiosk mode will be at just a blank desktop. It is 100% logged in as the kiosk. In order to fix it, I have to delete the kiosk account and recreate it. This has happened a dozen times and has really messed up our clock in procedures at a few locations.


I have looked through the event viewer and haven't found anything crazy happening. Anyone have any ideas what in the world is going on? HR is about to skin us alive if this keeps happening.

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@haydenosmith Hi! Sorry to hear about your issues!  Can you confirm you are using Microsoft Edge built on Chromium?  Would you be able to provide the OS Version (Windows Key + r and then enter winver) and also the MS Edge Version (select the ellipses icon (...), and then select Settings. Select About Microsoft Edge)?  Also, can you provide information about how you've set up/configured kiosk mode?  


You mentioned this issue only started happening about 2 weeks ago, did you have an OS or MS Edge update around that time?  Thanks! 



Hello Kelly_Y,

I apologize that I never got back to you. I honestly dropped it as it started working with only random spots of Kiosk mode failing me. This is becoming a huge issue again though as Kiosk is failing daily on certain machines and every other day to weekly on others.

I can confirm that all machines are on the chromium version of Edge. I even went as far to set up an InTune profile and enroll a test machine into it. Sadly, after the weekend, I ended up with the same results.

The auto-login to the kiosk profile works. Edge does not launch in kiosk mode and a desktop is presented instead. At this point, we are considering ditching Windows for the entirely.

@haydenosmith Hi!  It might be best to reach out to Support as they should be able to gather logs and help investigate your specific case.  https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/support/


You can also contact the App Assure Team if you have issues when moving to MS Edge and setting up kiosk mode. Either request assistance or email them directly (ACHELP@microsoft.com) for free remediation assistance.  Thanks!