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Hello everyone!
My question is a very recent one, since I just Installed Windows 11 and realized Internet Explorer does not come any long with the OS.

Apparently, you can now use the "Internet Explorer mode" function in Microsoft Edge, but I have encountered some inconsistencies.


I have 2 different computers with the same EDGE up-to-date version, but one of them seems to use "explorer mode" with IE11, and the other one uses IE5, which display differently the site I want to work with.



The only difference these 2 computers have is that one of them was a Windows 10 that was upgraded to Windows 11 through the assist tool, and the other was a clean Windows 11 installation.

I really need to open IE5 mode on my organization (when before, in IE11 I just had to enable compatibility mode), but I just can't seem to find how to. Any suggestions?

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@OzielLara Hi!  Since this is for your organization have you tried to set up IE mode via policy?  (What is Internet Explorer mode? | Microsoft Docs  Configure IE mode Policies | Microsoft Docs)