Edge GPO's breaking Office\Outlook Add-ins

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I have discovered that my Edge GPO settings, two in particular, are breaking our office/outlook add-ins within Microsoft 365 / Office 2021 desktop applications.  FindTime is the main add-in we use, but it also affects our PhishNotify add-in, which means I'm sure it effects more.


The two policies in question are as follows (Edge Policy files from 95) :


Browser sign-in settings: Enabled - Force users to sign-in to use the browser

Control where developer tools can be used: Enable - Don't allow using the developer tools



While I understand that my problem is in Office, Outlook specifically, these are Edge policies causing the issues.


With these enabled the following happens:

Browser sign-in gives the error: Add-in Error This add-in could not be started. Close this dialog to ignore the problem or click "Restart" to try again.


If I change the browser sign-in policy I get a white screen where the addon UI would be.


The edge policies seem to apply to Office version Monthly Enterprise Channel 2108.




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@KrisNelson Hi!  Just to confirm, you mentioned Office 2021 desktop applications but is it Outlook on the web where you are reproducing these issues?  


Have you tried reaching out to Support (https://microsoftedgesupport.microsoft.com/hc/en-us)?  They would be able to work with you directly to investigate and understand your specific set up and scenarios.  





This is limited to the desktop applications only. Office on the web works just fine. I have a ticket in via our M365 Admin center, but wanted to see if this was an issue that the dev team was aware of.


A fun update to this.  A few days after I posted this issue a Windows Store update was released that fixed the issue.


Not sure how these all tied together to cause the issue other then they are all Microsoft products, but a fix is a fix and that's what I was looking for.



@KrisNelson Thanks for the update about your issue!  Great to hear it was fixed :smile: