Edge extension error "image decode failed"

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Currently building a new Citrix base image for our users with O365 and new Edge browser on Chromium. quite happy so far. 

have one issue where I like to deploy an Extension using GPO but it won't work. Manually installing the extension fails with "Image decode failed" even when I try installing as an admin on the system without any Edge policy's.

Tested with another VM same OS (Version 1809 OS Build: 17763.1098) and same Edge version (80.0.361.109) and there are no issues on that machine.

Also moved the Citrix server to an empty OU with GPO inheritance blocked so no GPO active but this also didn't help.

When I enable "Developer Mode" in Edge and unpack the CRX file in a folder then specify "Load Unpacked" and select the folder with the extracted CRX file it installs without any problem.

How can I troubleshoot / view logs / investigate.


Any help is appreciated!


regards Vincent


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@VincentO7 oh, just to be clear, any Extension I try to install from the Store gives this message

@VincentO7 I have exactly the same issue, did you manage to fix it Vincent? I cannot install any extension, via Chrome or Edge stores. Also cannot open PDFs inside the browser, no matter what setting I have tried.


I have uninstalled Edge, wiped all GPOs that were locking the 2019 Server down. Whatever I try, doesn't work. Help!


I've been facing this problem for 5 month, and already do everything the internet said like VPN 

The Only Fix is go to your Host file in windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts
Open that with notepad and replace everything inside it with everything inside hosts.backup *(it should be on the same folder with the hosts file)
Just copy paste the number and data...
after that save, restart your Pc and Done
hope this works for u too