Edge does not use the configured policys

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Hi together,


We currently have this very strange problem:

We've downloaded the Edge Enterprise MSI (97.0.1072.69) including the Windows 64-bit Policys from here: and successfully deployed them to all our Clients.

The new ADMX Templates were also copied to the SYSVOL Store of the Main DC, which is a WS 2012 R2 one.

We've created a new GPO and "gpreport -H report.html" reports that it was successfully applied to one of our Test-Clients (W10 Pro 21H1):



However, the "edge://policy/" Link shows that no single Policy was applied:



Can someone explain to me why it doesn't apply the Edge-GPO?

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New Edge GPO Settings are not under Windows-Komponenten.
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Ok, found the Solution:
Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Microsoft Edge

But why has Microsoft also put Edge Policies under Windows-Components?
This is very confusing
These are from the legacy edge.