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First of all - big thanks goes to everyone who's involved into creating such nice browser, keep on going! :)

Currently I'm working on Edge Chromium kiosk and there are some some options that would be very helpful to have in the future:

 - proper kiosk mode with navigation, like legacy Edge has - it's very good thought out and very nicely done in terms of kiosk experience (you can only see downloads list, but can't open it in explorer, you can't open exe files, there is end session button and so on)

- get more flexibility in ADMX GPO settings to configure access to browser menus (like disabling Downloads menu, not allowing user to open downloads folder. Or somehow to downloads more secure for kiosk experience)

- add possibility to restrict file:/// protocol in address bar (currently we can add undesirable paths to URLs block-list)



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@melosense We're glad to hear that you're enjoying the browser! As a heads-up, I'm moving your post to the "Enterprise" section, so our Enterprise team can see it and let you know if they have any additional questions or insights.


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Thanks for the wishes and glad you are liking the product so far :)


Also, I'm excited that you're trying out a Kiosk solution for your needs with the new Edge. As you noticed, Kiosk is a work in progress for the new all feedback is welcomed and keenly listened to. In that sense, thanks for sharing the set of things that you feel are important for your needs. We'll weigh these into our work.


Given that you found the legacy Edge's Kiosk features good, are you just evaluating the status of this feature in the new Edge? Or are you trying to deploy a solution with the new Edge? Have you considered configuring the new Edge as a Kiosk app using the Windows Multi-App Assigned Access Kiosk setup?


I believe this might give you some additional lockdown that you are looking for with regards to access to File explorer, other exes, etc. Here's a detailed article from an IT admin who tried this option with the new Edge recently:


Let me know what you think. Also, please feel free to reach out to me via direct message in case you would like to share more about your scenario.


@melosense finally, some kiosk-related features were shipped with Edge 87 and more are coming in the next months (my guess is before March 9, when support for Edge legacy will be over).


It will also be possible to select Edge Chromium while setting up a kiosk on Windows 10 (already possible with Insider builds, support for Windows 10 versions 1909 and up should come early 2021).


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