Edge Chromium GPO to ignore Certificate Warnings

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We have a number of internally hosted websites that we access via a simple dns entry or an IP address that do not have a trusted certificate attached to them. Becuase of this when we browse to these websites we receive the below error.CertError.png

 Is there a GPO we can configure that will ignore these warnings for specific sites? I do not want to give users the ability to proceed/ignore these warnings for ALL websites, but for those that we listed in a GPO, or maybe those listed in the trusted/Intranet site zone?


I did search through the list of GPO's available to Edge Chromium (Microsoft Edge Browser Policy Documentation | Microsoft Docs) and found one called "Disable Certificate Transparency enforcement for specific URLs" which I thought might do it, but unfortunately the error in the above screen shot still appears despite enabling it and adding the IP address of the website.




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A better solution is to deploy the certificate in local devices , then it will show valid certificate and you won't see such warning. Have a look at: