Edge 116 Beta: Policies are blocked if MDM-Managed & Userprofile-Sync personal Account

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On most current Edge Beta & DEV Versions there is a NEW BUG regarding accepting the Configuration of "sensitive Policies" which need the device to be Enterprise Managed (AD-Join or MDM-Enrolled). [Edit on next day 22.08.2023: see newer post below, not only sensitive Policies but much more policies are ignored! Therefore I modified the title of this Discussion and removed "sensitive"]


First, the affected Versions are:

Beta: Version 116.0.1938.54

Dev: Version 117.0.2045.1


NOT affected, still working as expected is:
Stable: Version 115.0.1901.203


To reproduce the issue, use a Windows 10 or Windows 11 22H2 Machine which is MDM-Enrolled.


Fresh Edge-Browser install, first NO Profile Sync / logged on User Account in Edge: OK; Policies work, are applied - as you see in this screenshot:




Now enable Profile-Sync / log on with personal Microsoft Account in Edge Browser (Profile). After Syncing Profile now restart Browser. => Problem: Device is not recognised as "MDM-Enrolled" any more, the "sensitive policies" are now ignored:





If you "sign out" (no need to delete Favorites, just "sign out" is enough) the policies start working again after next browser-start:




As I already said in the beginning, this is "brand new" problem in the most recent Beta- and DEV-Version. Was definitely not there in the last Beta-Version last week before (I think Beta Version 116.0.1938.51 was still OK). And Problem is not there in current Stable, only in Beta&Dev.


So please look into this and fix this before it gets into Stable!


Thank you!


@mkruger@Kelly_Y  I hope you are still working on the Edge team and can bring this to the attention of the right person? Thank you!


Not sure if this is an Edge Issue or an underlying Chromium-Issue. If it is a Chromium-Issue it maybe could be this Change:


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@Robert_Holcombe Hey!  I don't think there should be a difference between Windows 10 and Windows 11.  


@Gunnar Haslinger First, thank you very much for your patience and all the detailed information you always provided!  The latest update from the team is that the next Stable v116 release should also include the fix as well.  Once it gets deployed, please keep us updated!  



Confirmed that this issue has been resolved in Edge 116.0.1938.62, which has now been released to the Stable channel.
best response confirmed by Gunnar Haslinger (Steel Contributor)

@meveritt Great!  Thank you for testing and following up!  


Yes, Stable Version 116.0.1938.62 was released today.  For other folks on the thread, please let us know once you are able to test.  


Have a great weekend, everyone! 



Version 116.0.1938.62 fixed it for me. Thank You.

Thanks, can confirm Version 116.0.1938.62 stopped ignoring the policies in the single MSA synced scenarios. Works. Thank you!

Hi there,

we are using w11 23H2 and still have the issue with edge which is not letting to see our portal homepage as default page in Edge, i used the correct policy settings, and when i look in edge it says that homepagelocation is our portal page.........but in Edge (120.0.2210.144) there is no homepage to be found (it didnt worked with the version also).

I've tried several settings according to mannuals, but all got the same result (no homepage in Edge)


any idea's???


Currently there is no known Issue with Edge v120 regarding Policy HomePageLocation.

So I guess your issue is not related to this Thread.
I suggest to check out edge://Policy for debugging and check if the needed prerequisites (Windows Pro/Enterprise, Managed Device) are fulfilled.