Edge使用際にLanguage barで「A」、「あ」表示ではなく、両方が「□」で表示された

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Windows更新の後、Edge使用の際にLanguage barで「A」、「あ」表示ではなく、両方が「□」で表示された。なので、タイピングする際に「あ」か「A」か分からなくなった。Microsoft officeやOutlookなどを使う時には問題ない。どう設定すればいいですか?


使用しているWindowsバージョンはWindows10 Enterprize version 20H2

Windows feature experience pack 120.2212.4180.0です。


Microsoft Edgeのバージョンは102.0.1245.39です。

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@Chatsiri_y Hello!  Are you able to provide a screenshot of the issue?  I'm not sure about the language bar that you are seeing the problem.  Thanks! 



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@Chatsiri_y Based upon your picture, this looks like the Windows Taskbar.  Are you saying specifically when in a MS Edge window the IME icon be a box and when using other programs like Word or Excel the icon will display differently?  


Do you have the correct language setting in MS Edge?  "..." -> Settings -> Language



IME icon shouldn't be a box but it show when in MS Edge.
I already added Japanese in Edge setting as your suggestion and IME become to show normally.

Thank you very much for your support:smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes: