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Is it just me or does the GPO setting (mandatory or user editable) "Set the system default printer as the default printer" not working for Edge (Chromium)?


We have it set in group policy to enabled, it shows as being applied, but the user printer is always "Print to PDF". It doesn't actually even appear the default setting of the printer being set to your last used printer works at this time (if you deactivate the gpo policy). It always goes back to the built in "Print to PDF"


We've tried setting the default printer in control panel, the new settings menu, letting windows manage the default printer, etc. but the outcome is still "Print to PDF".


I've also tested this on Stable, Beta, Dev, and Canary, same outcome.


Has anyone gotten this to work? Or is it actually broken at this time.


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Yep, broken for us as well.



I can't get the GP that configures the system printer as the initial default to work, period, and the "save last printer option" does not work for most, but does work for a few, and I'm not sure why.



Actually, I've just verified that both issues, the GP setting that applies the system printer and the "save last printer option", do not exist in Canary (not sure about Beta or Dev just yet). Have you tested Canary recently?



Actually, not entirely correct. On some machines, the save last printer option feature does work, but not on most machines. Seems it does not affect our admin user machines (IT).


Actually, I was wrong. The failure to save last printer option selected is purely a non-admin problem - as it happens only for users that are not administrators and happens both Stable and Canary.

Just updated our machines to Stable 81 and this issue is not fixed!!!! Seriously??