Credential passthrough failing to local intranet site running in IE Mode on Edge first run

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Hi all,


When we run Edge for the first time under a user account credential passthrough doesn't work. 


We are running Edge Stable 80.0.361.56 on Windows 10 Pro 1903. 


Our opening page for Edge in our environment is an intranet page. The first time a user opens edge under their account they are met with a credentials prompt to access this intranet page. If the user then closes the credentials prompt we get a 'This page isn't working at the moment' error message. This Intranet page should be running in IE mode but i assume because the page can't load without the user signing in it doesn't seem to reach the point that it opens in IE mode.


We configured the following GPO to get credentials passing through to the required page:  Microsoft Edge\HTTP Authentication\Specifies a list of servers that Microsoft Edge can delegate user credentials to. This is enabled with as the entry. The address for the site is


This solution does work after some time has passed (5 minutes), just not initially on first run. The problem is the first thing our users are going to see when they open Edge is a credentials prompt with an error after it saying the page can't be accessed, when they are used to IE passing the credential through.


Have i set something up wrong? Or is this is a bug? Is it related to this page being set to open in IE mode? There are a few quirky issues like this that are stopping us from rolling Edge out at the moment so any feedback would be welcome!



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Okay so two things led me to resolving this issue:


First, i had to specify the server name on 2 GP settings:


Administrative Templates/Microsoft Edge/HTTP authentication/Specifies a list of servers that Microsoft Edge can delegate user credentials to

Administrative Templates/Microsoft Edge/HTTP authentication/Configure list of allowed authentication servers


This then got credentials passing through.


What muddied the waters on this one was that first credential pass through wasn't working, but also there was a delay of a few minutes from first run and the websites in question being opened in IE mode. I imagine a page running in IE mode doesn't take note of the edge settings about passing credentials and was just passing the credentials through as it normally worked in IE. This gave the impression that it was a first run issue.


Hope this helps someone dealing with similar issues!