Crash starting with Edge Beta 101.0.1210.10 and up

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Edge Beta 101.0.1210.10 and on is crashing on our Windows 10 computers. This is also affecting the latest Beta, as well as Dev and Canary. After digging into it, we found that it's caused by a registry key that was copied over from our Chrome policies. We're not using GPOs specifically, because we currently have to maintain both browsers, so we have a scripted solution to apply many of the policies. This has worked without issue since initial Edge stable release.

Specifically, the existence of this key is triggering will crash:

There doesn't need to be anything in it. If the key exists, Edge will crash.

The chrome_debug.log shows only:
[9100:20444:0414/] Failed to convert string to boolean
[9100:20444:0414/] Failed to convert string to boolean

Obviously, we'll be taking steps to ensure that key is removed before we move to 101, but we're still concerned that a stray registry is enough to crash Edge entirely.

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@db1080 Hello!  It looks the issue could be occurring because the SafeBrowsingAllowlistDomains is not a current policy for Microsoft Edge.


Have you had a chance to submit Feedback/diagnostic data through the browser? ("..." menu > Help and feedback > Send feedback).  Thanks!



I could not, as the Edge wouldn't load at all. All channels are working again now though.
It seems to have been resolved with the following updates:
Beta: 101.0.1210.19
Dev: 102.0.1227.0
Canary: 102.0.1227.0

@db1080 Great to hear the issue has been resolved!  Thanks for following up!