Bug in IE mode after file has been downloaded

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I'm on windows 7, 64bit, Edge 79.0.301.2 (Official builddev (64-bit)
If on IE mode window I click link to download and open MS Word document and try to close Edge I get this displayed:
This happens even after downloading, opening in MS Word, closing MS word and then trying to close Edge. Edge then hangs and can't be close. Can close only by killing process

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@mindst Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention. It does not happen in most download scenarios, but we have identified what's the causing the issue and are working on a fix. Stay tuned for an update!

@Shilpa_Subramanian Looking forward to the fix as this I am getting this popup quite regularly. Sometimes neither option allows me to close Edgium.

@Shilpa_Subramanian Even we are having the same issue (when using IE mode). In our case we are downloading .xlsx file.