Automatic Updates in BETA-Channel

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does the BETA-Channel Version of Edge auto-updates too? (similar to the dev channel?)

because we would like to test a sccm-deploying with the MSI-package of the BETA. and if edge is auto-updating, every time SCCM would perform a downgrade -> not very cool....

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They send auto updates through for Beta too. In other words you don't have to manually re-download the browser or download the update builds every time there's an update. Beta is only updated about every six weeks or so (with smaller security or minor type updates like everyone's browser is breaking and crashing so a revision update is went through a few days after the original update). Windows Task Scheduler has a Microsoft schedule set in too auto update MS programs. There's also an update folder for Edge in your Windows Directory. 







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mille grazie ;) i hope, they will provide a function in the GPO for the future. we would like to control the update deployment like other updates during our SCCM environment. i don't like beta-testing in the user environment ;) @Anthony 

hmmm i'm not sure, but you refer to the standard GPO of the "normal" Edge Browser and not the Chromium Engine. I don't think this will work with the BETA? @Gunnar Haslinger 

@_Sandro_ no, I don't refer to the GPO for the old/normal Edge Browser, see at the top of the Page, it clearly says "This article applies to Microsoft Edge version 77 or later." => This is definitely Edge beta based on Chromium and not the "regular EdgeHTML" Version. In regular EdgeHTML there was no UpdateManager and no policy for the UpdateManager.

yes, you are right! sorry didnt see this hint. i have imported the amdx-policy template but the update-policy was not shown...
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